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apply credit cards So, I'm going to travel much for winning a victory over depression. I have taken a vacation, and now am packing my trunks. I'm going to visit Brazil. Why Brazil? It is very impressive, vivid country. Therewith, I have never been there. I hope this trip will help me to understand myself and reappraise old values.
I have already applied for a new credit card, one of
hotel credit cards. I think it is pleasant to collect points for dollars spent on all purchases. The more so because those points may be redeemed for free hotel stays, dining, car rentals or any other special incentives! I adore presents!!!

My Soul Asks of Changes

crazy life Whether my overwork I don't know, but the last three or four weeks my temper has been utterly unbearable! I think I'm tired of monotony and need of serious changes. I have too many ideas and wishes. I want life, I want adventure...

Healthy Life-Style

I become seriously pondering over healthy eating. I meet very interesting active people every time one turns around. Generally, they are people who love sport and used to be on a diet. I wonder if I could change my habits, or not...

The First Protest

confidence  Yesterday I had a dinner in a restaurant with my childhood friend. I told her about my plans concerning emigration. And I was confronted with complete unawareness... She tried to dissuade me from such actions, cited her friends' abortive attempts as an example of probable outcome. Hmm.. I'm sure MY boundless desire will triumph over al the difficulties!!!

Credit Card for Traveling

http://www.bestcreditoffers.co.uk/Hotel-Rewards-Credit-Cards-1179732-page.php On the threshold of my emigration I read much about unsecured credit cards and search the most suitable one. I remember my traveling through France and Germany. I used Blue from American Express for all purchases including tickets and hotel stays. I saved much money and got bonuses as well. Perhaps, I should use it again.

At the Parting of the Ways

  I seriously think of moving out of the USA these days.. I’m interested in relocating to another English speaking country, preferably England, Canada, or Australia. No, I can't say I don't love my motherland, but I need a different scene. I'd like to check my potential in strange lands as well.
Of course, it may take time to choose the country and immigration program. But there is no rush. I'm young. My whole life is before me!

Wall E


I visited this wonderful movie last week with my little sister. There are lots of great things about this film for smallish people. For my smallish sister the best thing was how there were very few words. The first half was word free. The exaggerated noises, expressions and 'body language' made it easy to 'read' and understand.
When the people come along, words are used and conversations take place but I think it would be possible to turn off the sound and still understand the story as it's caked in visual cues.
Although Pixar is now Disney, or rather Disney's gobbled up Pixar, fortunately the movie isn't drowned in Disney mush.


It goes without saying that one of the most important tasks today is bringing up a healthy generation. We are healthy when all parts of our bodies and our minds work together properly. We can not be happy unless we feel well. There is a saying: " A healthy mind in a healthy body!". In addition to physical health, we should understand the importance of mental health. They say "Good health!" It means "not being ill". That's true but health is more than that! We have good health when our bodies and our minds are able to work at their best!


Credit card with no credit? What card do you recommend? Secured and Unsecured?
There are lots of different credit situations. Therefore, sometimes it is rather difficult to choose a particular plastic.
Well, when we just don't have good credit it doesn't mean that we have bad credit.
Some of us, for example, are establishing credit because it's the first time ever dealing with it.
The rest ones have had bad credit but are beginning to restore a good credit name.
Which is your situation? What is your credit score? I must admit that sometimes having no credit history is the same thing as having bad credit. So, we should consider some options to build credit before applying.

I Couldn't Live Without Flirting

I am fond of eye-contact games! I love attracting a little attention by smiling, arching my eyebrows, and giggling. It is natural because not only people but also animals flirt. As for birds and fish, they have their own ways of strutting. I am sure almost all people have flirting talents that are hidden between their smiles. But when you are engaged or already married it is getting much more difficult because you always try to hide your flirting talents for good but not for long. You know what I mean.:))

Contemplations of Being Wealthy

Gwen Stefani says in her famous song: “If I was a Rich Girl
See, I'd have all the money in the world, if I was a wealthy girl
No man could test me, impress me, my cash flow would never ever end
Cause I'd have all the money in the world, if I was a wealthy girl…”
I always love daydreaming because I know it is healthy.:))
If I was a rich girl, I would eat anything I wanted! It is the greatest joy!
I wonder who wouldn't want to be a Millionaire? Who wouldn’t want to have a higher standard of life and benefit from being rich? Raise your hands, folks!


Solving Marriage Conflicts

It is well known that marriage with love is sensational and without it it's hell. Do you agree?
If you have marital conflicts, stress the importance of resolving it when it is not too late.
Conflicts are inevitable in every family. All marriages experience them. In comparison with strong marriages that are attacked by conflicts, weak marriages are infected by them. Do you see the main difference?
Most important of all is that conflicts shouldn’t remain unattended and unnoticed. The question is: Why do we fight?


Choosing a Wedding Dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What wedding dress to choose? It is not an easy task. There is a great variety of gowns available. It can get difficult with all the choices to consider. Trends, tradition, and season affect the type of a wedding dress to choice. My dress should have an excellent fit. The price also plays an important role in choosing. Will you help me to find the right dress to feel radiant in?



Everything is “easy”. Have ever had a deal with best cash back credit cards? Are they worth of applying? Or there are more negative effects than positive ones?

Great Fashion Shift

He has passed away.

AFP photo.